The Silhouette Trend for Women's Retro Denim

Author:Alice 2020-05-06

Women's Denim


In S/S 2021, denim returns back in classic styles, brings more possibilities to consumers, and creates mix & match looks. This season is dominated by classic styles, classic appearance and eco-friendly washing. Cycling shorts and distressed straight jeans are washed and well-fitting to create an urban style. Voluminous flares and high-waist loose trousers return back with the retro trend. Holes and exaggerated fringes can create a leisure and young look. The style is both daily practical and avant-garde.


Women's Denim


This season designers keep the hot cycling shorts, and optimize them into denim items. The elastic denim fabric is used to create the well-fitting silhouette, and the mid-to-high waist lengthens the leg. Eco-friendly washing and splicing add individuality to cycling shorts. The shorts can be paired with boots to show the urban fashion style.

Optimized Cycling Shorts
Designers use high-waist jeans and tampered leg openings to create the bucket jeans this season. The exaggerated arc appearance and cropped leg openings show the ankle. Paper bag waistband and gathered ankle are added to emphasize this silhouette.
Bucket Jeans
As consumers demand higher and higher comfort, loose high-waist trousers are quite favored by avant-garde consumers, so the looser silhouette will replace the classic silhouette. In S/S 2021, designers will adopt the well-fitting waistband and loose voluminous leg openings. The ankle-length is quite wearable. Splicing and revers improve the silhouette.
Loose High-waist Trousers