The Silhouette Trend for Women's Ready-to-wear Puffa Jackets

Author:Alice 2020-06-15

Puffa Jackets


In A/W 21/22, ready-to-wear look will be a key trend in womenswear. Ready-to-wear puffa jackets are fashionable and warm, easily switching between different occasions. This report will analyze key silhouettes of lightweight long outerwear, collarless light overcoat, trench coat, well-fitting style, A-line silhouette, umbrella cape, down dress, down skirt and mono-color set, so as to guide the design direction of women's puffa jackets.


Puffa Jackets


Referring to overcoats, the light long outerwear employs flatter quilting and cutting to be both chic and warm. It also brings more possibilities for series design. In A/W 21/22, puffa jackets will pay more attention to clothing collocation.


Women's Puffa Jackets


The collarless overcoat-style puffa jackets are inclusive in autumn and winter. Ruffle, piping and paneling are applied to structure lines on garments. In A/W 21/22, women's puffa jackets will consider fashionable clothing collocation, such as exposing inner and half-open design. One garment fit for multiple occasions is the main consideration of designers.


The Collarless Lightweight Overcoat-style Puffa Jacket


In A/W 21/22, combination of puffa jackets with trench coats is a key trend. Thin breathable fabrics of trench coats make a sharp contrast with inflated down, stressing that the clothing is as multi-occasion as trench coats, and warm as puffa jackets. This kind of puffa jackets is the production of consumer behaviour, and will be a new direction of puffa jackets.


The Two-in-One Design of Trench Coats and Puffa Jackets


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