The Silhouette Trend for Women's Graceful Modern Aesthetics Dresses

Author:Alice 2020-06-12

Women's Dresses


Fashion in the 1960s focuses on the entire look, and people like the expensive yet simply cut dress. This kind of dress shows a minimalist style. With the popularity of romantic and comfortable French dress, intellectual, noble, sexual temperament gradually becomes another kind of elegant postures. Simple mini dress, loose H-line dress, mini A-line dress, halter-neck long dress, cape sleeves and other simple silhouette combines vintage and modernity, which pushes the minimalist style to the climax.


Women's Dresses


The slip dress is 20 centimeters above the knee. Based on the elegant silhouette of tutu, beaded straps, rhinestone edges and leather buckles are added, enhancing female noble charm.


The Elegant Slip Dress


This mini dress is considered as the symbol of gender equality in the 1960s. Starting from modern aesthetics, designers adopt drawstring on the waist, big bowknot on the shoulder, color-blocked turn-down collar and big or small matte sequins to create eye-catching designs. The minimalist look is combined with placement highlight, showing the confidence and elegance of modern females.


The Loose Sleeveless H-line Dress


Simple structure, rational cutting and mono color display its artistic feature of simplicity. The mini A-line dress is added by flare sleeves, revealing female confidence in the relaxing vibe.


The Long-sleeve A-line Dress


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