The Silhouette Trend for Women's French Style Loungewear

Author:Tom 2021-05-20

Women's Loungewear


French style creates the casualness through minimalist and classic clothing. The selection of fabric is extremely important to the loungewear design. Details and silhouettes present languid and romantic, minimalist and delicate styles. Lace can also be injected into elegant loungewear to reveal the sexual appeal and attract consumers.


Women's Loungewear


High-end silk shirt set chooses fresher colors to present the elegant romance. Details are added into the placement of minimalist style to improve the feminine temperament.


Shirt Set


Silky slip set uses delicate buttons to present the sense of sweet lady. The superfine knotted suspenders provide adjustability and functionality. The application of lace and crease makes the clothing younger and more feminine.


Slip Set


Longer and looser silhouette of loungewear leaves proper space between clothing and body, which is more suitable for the home lifestyle. Wide dress hem seems casual, and shirring and ruffle in detail increase the romantic feel.




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