The Silhouette Trend for Women's French Modern Dress

Author:Spring 2024-01-24

Women's Dress


The 2025 Spring/Summer French style skirt will be combined with a more modern look, presenting a super feminist modern and romantic style. From representative women's clothing brands and similar style brands, there are the following trend directions worth paying attention to: voluminous flower bud skirts, pleated pencil skirts, spliced diagonal cut skirts, and straight perspective skirtsCloud fluffy skirtA-line umbrella skirt. These trends not only meet the current consumer demand for practicality and fashion sense of women's clothing items, but also demonstrate the brand's pursuit of innovative design.


Women's Dress


Inspired by the inward collection of flower buds and unique design techniques, the skirt presents a rounded silhouette, creating a unique flower bud effect and also embellishing a pear shaped figure. The use of a longer A-line hem provides a more spacious feel, and can also be trimmed to present a smooth water droplet curved hem.


Voluminous Bud Skirt


Add linear pleats to the midline or side seams of the skirt, presenting a scattered pleated effect on both sides. This design gives the skirt a unique texture and layering, adding visual richness. Integrating French style with modern fashion, showcasing the charm of both fashion and romance.


Pleated pencil skirt


Creating a unique visual effect through oblique splicing, usually using lighter and thinner materials. The ruffled edges at the stitching or hem add a soft touch to the skirt. The diagonal cut design emphasizes asymmetry, giving the skirt a flowing feel. The lace material and small floral patterns further enhance the French style atmosphere.


Diagonal Cut Skirt

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