The Silhouette Trend for Women's Extreme Cycling Sportswear

Author:Alice 2019-11-06

Women's Sportswear


Cycling is a healthy and environmentally-friendly lifestyle and an upward life attitude. By 2018, there are 47.5 million cycling enthusiasts worldwide. The world's biggest cycling race, the Haute Route, starts in this year. For experienced cycling enthusiasts, sweatshirts tops, cycling shorts and jumpsuits can help riders reduce wind resistance, constrain muscles and perspire during long-distance rides.




Cycling apparel is mainly made of polyester and lycra, thus the clothing is portable, elastic and dried quickly. Normally three pockets with large capacity are in the back of the cardigan, convenient for riding.


Protective Cardigan


Raglan collar and sleeves made of mesh make the jersey T-shirts breathable. The fabric could be changed from mesh to scale fabric according to the change of season.


Tight Cycling Jersey T-shirts


Mid-length cycling pants are the necessary item for S/S 2020. The light-tight and lightweight pressure panel is adopted. The high-waist design provides powerful support and leaves enough space for workwear pockets. In addition, protective coating and craft of blocking ultraviolet ray are new demands of riding market.


Mid-length Cycling Pants


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