The Silhouette Trend for Women's Delicacy Pants

Author:Alice 2019-10-18

Silhouette Trend for women's pants


The loose and delicate dressing gains traction, and the cosy and refined silhouette is key. A variety of pants such as the waisted umbrella-hem pants, floor-length trousers and simple cuffed pants are emerging. Pared-back design, quality fabrics and exaggerated silhouettes add a modern feel. The wrapping shape adds newness, and solid styling avoids excessive volume. The jumpsuit is in line with the cosy styling direction.


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Inspired by Scottish skirts, the waisted umbrella-hem pants add newness, suitable for all body shapes. Ties at the cuff can create the lantern shape. The super low crotch adds a slouchy neutral feel.

The Waisted Umbrella-Hem Pant
The floor-length wide-leg pants remain the core item. The floor length and high waist elongate the body shape. The loose cuff covers the heel. The soft draping fabrics in earthy tones replace the fine stripes in black and white, fashionable and classic.
The Floor-Length Wide-Leg Pant
Large pockets and cinched hems are in line with the functional aesthetic. The delicate silhouette of simple cargo pants add a functional aesthetic. Patch pockets and elasticated waistbands are functional and chic.
The Cinched Hem Cargo Pant
The wrapping shape creates a layering effect and asymmetric look. The slim shape is combined with loose pleats, ruffles and skirts to add depth and interest.
The Wrapping Shape
Neat cuts and versatility make the straight pants a classic item. The straight shape and ankle-length is slick and chic.
The Straight Ankle-Length Pant
The belted jumpsuit shows a sartorial leisure feel, functional and stylish. The belt accentuates form, suitable for young and grown-up age groups.
The Belted Jumpsuit
Christopher Esber was founded in Sydney, 2010. Its delicate cuts interpret dimensional silhouettes.
Christopher Esber
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