The Silhouette Trend for Practical Trousers in S/S 2021

Author:Tom 2019-12-26

Practical Trousers


As the power women style returns, modern womenswear draws more attention from the market. And the bottom pays more attention to silhouette and functionality instead of street wear. Therefore, trousers will combine tailoring with the loose silhouette, emphasizing the comfortable and practical style as well as trousers suitable for various occasions.




The loose trousers popular in the 1970s-1980s now return back. In S/S 2021, trousers will be widened horizontally based on the regular loose trousers. The tampered and high-waist design is used to create the A-line modifying the waist and hip, so the voluminous feel is more exaggerated, and leisure cosy clothing is created.


Dramatic Trousers


Sports life has become a trend, and gathered-ankle trousers are necessary. Different from conventional gathered-ankle trousers, S/S 2021 uses superior fabrics and simple colors or patterns to update trousers and make them suitable for different occasions. And metal buckles like D-ring replace conventional elastic drawstring to make trousers more exquisite.

Gathered-ankle Jogging Trousers
The return of power women style drives the heat of business wear. And females tend to choose retro and neutral loose shorts, with formal wear to be elegant and cynical.
Loose Shorts