The Silhouette Trend for Men's Outerwear

Author:Tom 2021-11-05

Men's Outerwear

Outerwear is rather important for men during the season changes in S/S, which is also prevalent this season. Loose drop-shoulder boxy silhouette presents retro features and creates jackets with details; practical multi-pocket cargo jacket shows personality, while classic vintage baseball jacket has been released by various streetwear brands on S/S 2023 runways; classic H-line lapel trench coat combines loose silhouette with delicate details; loose trench coat is deconstructed in multiple ways to present the playfulness of street fashion.


Men's Outerwear

With individualized young consumers’ love for boxy silhouette, the unique aesthetic design of lapel boxy jacket has been the focus in S/S 2023. Loose drop-shoulder boxy silhouette presents retro features and creates jackets with details. Such silhouette pays more attention to the simplified appearance of pocket. Insert pockets and invisible pockets increase the practicality and reveal exquisite fabrics and crafts. The fashion that is both chic and minimalist is perfectly interpreted.


Lapel Boxy Jacket

Practical multi-pocket jacket has been a part of the fashion world for long, which presents more creative and bold designs. Influenced by the fashion trend of being looser and more practical, the multi-pocket jacket draws eyeballs in the market. Vintage elements remain prevalent. The patch pocket of workwear strengthens the styling and shape of twill cotton. The snaps on corners further enrich the presentation of casual jacket.


Multi-pocket Cargo Jacket

The silhouette of classic baseball jacket is extremely popular in S/S 2023 among streetwear brands and runway shows. Personalized zippers, pockets, splicing, and ribbons bring more details and highlights to retro baseball jackets. The design of pattern and the selection of material are the core. The combination with loose silhouettes can be more comfortable and casual.


Vintage Baseball Jacket

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