The Silhouette Trend for Men's Minimal and Sustainable Knitted T-shirts

Author:Tom 2020-08-11

Men's Knitted T-shirts


Practicality, sustainability and "less but better" gradually influence the way of consumption. In S/S 2022, men's knitted T-shirts focus on simple but durable designs, and consumers pay more attention to emphasizing classic stripes, logos, stitches, tops and pockets on tops. Simple but refined techniques present durable but valuable looks.


Men's Knitted T-shirts


Strip decorations underline designs on edges. The combination of fine lines and short lines continues. But in the new season, broad stripe-like layout is advised. Brands' logos are combined with floral and geometric patterns to bring decorative broad stripes. It is recommended to mix various crafts such as embroidery, jacquard and stitch.


Strip Decorations pattern


As styles become simpler, details are underlined, especially pockets. Hidden pockets with zippers incline to be more business. Spliced patch pockets, printed or jacquard pockets are casual. Trendy brights can be integrated into patterns on pockets, enhancing delicacy.


Pockets details


Fine-gauge is more suitable for spring and summer. It is practical, rhythmic and with a design sense. S/S 2022 focuses on the creative use of fine-gauged textures. Based on solid colors, cutouts, fine cables, kwise and purl stitches are combined. Density of stitches is key.


Men's Knitted T-shirts


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