The Silhouette Trend for Men's Denim Truck Jackets

Author:Alice 2020-02-28

Men's Denim Jackets

Truck jacket has been popular around the world, and become the most representative denim jacket. In A/W 2021, the truck jacket takes on a retro but avant-garde style. The loose silhouette makes a sharp contrast with the well-fitting short silhouette. Color-blocked and printed well-fitting truck jackets display the concept of environmental protection. The waisted short silhouette is superior. In this report, we emphasize to carry out sustainability through acid pickling, digital technology and reuse of unsalable fabrics.


Men's Denim Jackets

The oversized cutting and slightly cropped silhouette are dominant in truck jackets. The drop-shoulder joint and raglan sleeves make the style looser visually. This boxy silhouette could enhance the appeal and commercial value of denim. And acid pickling, laser or digital crafts will create novel looks for denim items.


Loose Truck Jackets

The simple truck jacket uses color-blocking. Le Tigre splices high saturation colors, bringing a strong retro feel and renewing the style. And color-blocking of light colors is mainly applied to unsalable fabrics and waste, enhancing the appeal and practicality and strengthening sustainability awareness.


Color-blocked Truck Jackets

The classic truck jacket is the main silhouette. And the key direction is applying eco-friendly laser all-over prints. Eco-friendly technical crafts are used to create distressed items, fit for all-body wear.


Well-fitting and Printed Truck Jackets

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