The Silhouette Trend for Men's and Women's Cycling Apparel

Author:Alice 2020-08-14

Women's Cycling Apparel


Cycling allows busy urbanites to escape from the quick-paced city and embrace nature. With the growing popularity of cycling, cycling apparel becomes the focus. The quick-dry top is a must for cyclists. The long-sleeve outerwear is equipped with reflective strips, and the vest is more wind- and water-proof. Suspender cycling shorts and cycling jumpsuits employ prints to enhance the chic feel of professional cycling apparel.

Men's and Women's Cycling Apparel
The garment body is made of skin-friendly fabrics, with mesh fabric spliced on armpits to be more breathable and moisture-wicking. The loose hemline is attached by a silicone strip to be antiskid, with color-blocking to promise a chic and comfortable wearing experience during high-intensity cycling.
Quick-Dry Short-Sleeve Tops
The long-sleeve outerwear is fit for cycling in cold areas or in cool days. Reflective strips can be spliced to the chest, back and sleeves, offering protection. In S/S 2022, reflective strips can be turned into reflective letters or graffiti prints, bold and chic.
Men's and Women's Cycling Apparel
Wind-proof vests work well for the changeable outdoor environment. The material is lightweight and breathable. The extended back panel is spliced with antiskid woven tapes. In S/S 2022, the wind-proof vest can be made of lightweight water-proof fabric, more functional.
Wind-Proof Vests