The Silhouette Trend for Kids' Puffa Jackets

Author:Alice 2020-03-02

The Silhouette Trend for Kids' Puffa Jackets


The neutral style is prevailing. Blurring the gender limit and eliminating stereotype gradually become the trend. Puffa jackets for A/W 20/21 weaken the gender boundary, emphasize the simple silhouette and unique details, and draw inspirations from overcoats and jackets to create diversified and fashionable items.


kids puffa jacket


Based on jackets, ripples, pinstripes, alveolate and check quilting are used to create light and thin puffa jackets which can be worn from late autumn to early spring and worn outside or inside. The changeable and fashionable jacket replaces the inflated puffa, making autumn and winter energetic.


Kids' Puffa Jackets


Inspired by overcoats, big turn-down collar, knot on the waist, toggles and court sleeves are combined with puffa jackets to create overcoat-style puffa jacket, neat and warm.




Exaggerated voluminous collar replaces the scarf to bring a warm feel visually, and smartly integrates practicality with fashion, becoming the most eye-catching detail.


The Wrapped Neck puffa jacket


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