The Silhouette Trend for Kid's Homewear

Author:Spring 2023-09-14



In the cold autumn and winter seasons, warm and comfortable loungewear becomes an important item. In this season's 24/25 autumn/winter collection of children's loungewear, there is a greater emphasis on diversity and individuality. Sleeveless vests and fitted loungewear for comfortable home wear have become a new trend. Exquisite shirt-style and doll collar-style loungewear are also key focal points. The materials of flannel and coral fleece are soft and delicate, and cute animal images are incorporated into the overall silhouette. They bring warmth, comfort, and fashion to children. Whether it's relaxing at home or engaging in outdoor activities, children can showcase their unique personalities and fashionable taste.




Design Highlights: The edge of the homewear is adorned with ruffled trim, which adds a lively and playful touch to the homewear. 

Application: Small floral patterns can be used as highlights on the neckline or pockets. The different colors and shades on the collar create a strong sense of visual layering. Sweet patterns and details such as flowers and butterflies can also create a lovely atmosphere reminiscent of being in a garden.


Babydoll Collar homewear


Design Highlights: The home clothing adopts the collar design of traditional shirts, such as classic straight collar, pointed collar or wide collar, making the home clothing more formal and fashionable.

Application : Design corresponding small buttons on the collar part, use light-colored small pattern prints with accents of floral patterns, and design decorative pockets on the chest to highlight the details.


Long-sleeved Shirt


Design Highlights: Sleeveless design of the home vest to adapt to changes in temperature in indoor environments, providing better arm movement space for children. With a simple design, it focuses on leisure and comfort, making children feel relaxed and comfortable when freely moving around at home. 

Application: It can have various cute and interesting patterns and bright colors to attract children's attention and meet their preferences for fashion and individuality.


Sleeveless Vest


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