The Silhouette Trend for Chinese Style Fancy Gowns

Author:Tom 2020-09-07

Chinese Style Womenswear


At present, Asian culture, especially Chinese culture, has become an important force attracting worldwide attention. In arts, it is common to blend oriental characteristics into the works of various styles. Nowadays, Chinese designers are rising, and they hope to inherit and connect oriental and western cultures. Therefore, Chinese styles and silhouettes will be new highlights, displaying the classical charm of Chinese style.


Chinese Style Womenswear


Luxurious fabrics work with Chinese style patterns for retro yet modern Chinese sets. Conventional stand-up collars team up with buttonhole loops, classical and charming.


Chinese Style Sets


Girly puff sleeves and lantern sleeves are applied to Chinese style dresses, adding a playful and lovely feel. The retro bowknot headwear enlivens the look.


Classical Puff Sleeves


The Chinese shawl was an accessory on clothes in ancient time. It is mainly decorated by propitious cloud patterns, showing the layered and rhythmic beauty. Modern clothes often mix the Chinese shawl with modern patterns, or splice it with shoulder structures, blending its classical charm with modern fashion.


The Improved Chinese Shawl


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