The Selection of Japan's Street Snaps in July

Author:Alice 2019-07-25

In the latest Japan's street snaps, linen & cotton, lolitas, darkness and street style are included. Key items include versatile tees, dissected pieces, dyed street pants and suits.


Janpanese fashion style


2D culture is very common in Japan's street snaps. All-over 2D manga in dramatic tones and doodled manga make a statement.


Interesting 2D Print


Colored camouflage, dyeing, hand scrawls and animal prints are key for pants. The middle dissecting and pins add a rebellious quality.


Street Pants


The clip,baby collar and base layer are paired with tees. Embroidery, manga, portraits and neon letters add interest.


Versatile Tees


Lightweight sheers are key for the girly style. Cover-ups add a romantic feel.


fashion clothing style


The crisp and slick styling is key for tailoring. The broad shoulder, waist belt, cycling shorts and wide-leg pants provide a tough feel.


fashion trend style


Earthy tones are key for linen and cotton. The loose and cozy qualities are combined with utility workwear elements.


fashion clothing style


Achromatic garments are key for dark dressing. Silhouettes are emphasized, and placement fringing underlines the plus-and-plus form.


Dark Styling


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