The S/S 2023 Theme Trend of Deed

Author:Tom 2021-12-13

Theme Trend

Deed tries to convey minority vanguards’ pursuit of the Faustian spirit, which is an experimental spirit that explores the unknowns by bold destruction and recreation. They insist on looking at things from a dialectical and remoulding perspective. Psychedelic and complicated virtual vision is combined with the wrapping and twining of the second skin to express the spirit that pursues liberty. With visual illusions and sensory color schemes, the consumers of Deed are full of hope for a future era of science and technology, and they are exploring the value of life and their individual personality.


theme trend

Material Inspiration


Color Inspiration


The works of Christina Quarles perfectly combine abstract aesthetics with human’s body shapes. She can precisely control the shapes, colors, and compositions to express twined human bodies and layered tints with powerful and intense visual impacts. Pale gray and skin tones are complemented by bright blues and greens to present highly-recognizable paintings. Nostalgic patterns and textures are fused with dark redinfused brown to exude struggling and indulgent emotions.


theme trend

The palette of Deed is mainly presented by acrylic and metallic tones. Saturated, digital brights are added into skin colors and pale gray for visual contrasts and intense tension. The following four key colors are selected from relative events, artworks, and fashion shows under the theme of Deed to inspire your design development in S/S 2023.


Thematic Colors


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