The RISING CHINA Comprehensive Analysis of Menswear in Shanghai Fashion Week

Author:Alice 2019-10-30

Shanghai Fashion Week


The S/S 2020 Shanghai Fashion Week kicks off on Oct. 9. This time Shanghai Fashion Week and Xintiandi sign a new round of three-year strategic cooperation agreement, and make the Xintiandi Taiping lake a show field- "Fashion Water Cube". The theme of this Shanghai Fashion Week is "Perception of Multi-source". Perception means inspiration, and source means origins. This aims to encourage multi-dimensional sources of inspiration, explore and extend human limits and imagination space from different perspectives, and promote infinite creativity in the design. And it advocates individuals and groups, a single brand and the whole industrial chain to pay attention to sustainable fashion, respect the environment, and assume more social responsibilities.


Shanghai Fashion Week


Shanghai Fashion Week, which officially ended last week, has been born for more than a decade. In recent years, it shows an obvious rising trend, frequently appears in our vision and widely affects the younger generation. We can know that from the number of visitors, and brands joining the show. More and more domestic newly prominent designer brands, such as STAFFONLY and Ximonlee, continue to make efforts in their own stage. Chinese fashion brands such as ROARINGWILD, FMACM, FYP, NPC, Lifegoeson also appear in the fashion week to attract the attention of the younger generation.


Rising Chinese Fashion


ROARINGWILD, which has been on the stage of Shanghai Fashion Week for the second time, is a pioneer in the field of youth culture. ROARINGWILD is committed to spreading local youth culture, adheres to the life concept of street culture, and conveys the inclusiveness and respect for street culture to young people with clothes as the carrier. The S/S 2020 series uses street language to call on environmental protection and attention with the theme of "Silent Spring". Khaki and dark colors are main colors in the new series, while pistachio green and almost mauve are added in detail. The inspiration comes from insects, animals, and bright colors in the nature, creating a stunning visual impact. The functional workwear pockets highlight the outdoor style and urban sportif style.


ROARINGWILD- Silent Spring


FMACM has been focused on youth culture and social life since its establishment six years ago. The new series of S/S 2020 is released at Shanghai Fashion Week. Under the theme of "Society of Spectacle", clothing of this season is rich in meaning. The structural ready-to-wear shows organization and unity. The full printing design makes a strong contrast. Complicated designs of order and disorder are interlaced. Classic brand elements of classic oil painting and 3D yarn crochet are added to show the observation about current life and exploration of the future with the clothing as a carrier.


Fmacm- Society of Spectacle


FYP collaborates with YOHO to present the new season with the theme of "Urban Nomadism". This is also the first time for FYP to participate in Shanghai Fashion Week. Designers combine the ginger of Demae Itcho and Chinese chopsticks, added with the stripe texture corduroy to form the complementary combination of "Chopsticks" and "Noodles". This funny collaboration retains the avant-garde sense of the brand, and ingeniously integrates Chinese traditional culture. It also adopts large-scale splicing with a strong contrast, different washes and dyeing crafts to interpret the urban nomadism.


FYP- Urban Nomadism


NPC is founded for a decade, from 2009 to 2019. In the ten years, NPC is also committed to helping more designers and brands grow, with the ultimate goal of creating a true "Fashion Center". The S/S 2020 show is the first time for NPC to stage up the Shanghai Fashion Week. BOOM FOR LONELY is a series of illustrations cooperated with SIJIA(Wang Sijia), a free original writer, illustrator, graphic designer, expressing the observation about social phobia of modern youth. Such a heavy theme is expressed by NPC in graffiti and color stories, which is actually a form closer to the expression of young people. Fluorescent colors glimmer in the dark, seeming to attract attention with the warning clothing language. The decorative topstitch is used, added by slight street sense to make the new series funnier.




As the closing show of the Shanghai Fashion Week, Cabbeen also participates in the Shanghai Fashion Week for the first time. Under the lead of Mr. Cabbean, the creator and art director, S/S 2020 Cabbean crosses the boundary of Chinese space culture for the first time, presenting a fashion show of "Walk on The Moon" beyond time and space. Different situations are set in virtual and sci-fi forms to imagine what happens on the far side of the moon, and explore the possibility of moon settlement in the future from the perspective of science fiction. The clothing is inspired by China's Eva spacesuit. The spacesuit components, such as two umbilical ropes and the joint structure connecting spacesuit together with the spacecraft, are decoded into the design language. Transparent piercing, tapes and velcro straps are added in the design. The ultimate design ingenuity reflects the spirit of space science, highlighting the theme- Chinese youth, create pride.




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