The Retro Food Show Pattern Trend for Kidswear

Author:Tom 2021-10-11

Kidswear pattern


The food on retro posters is always more appealing. The Copenhagen-based kidswear designer brand WAWA provides kidswear with realistic food patterns. The warm kitchen scene is also selected to be shown in the campaign. Inspired by retro food elements on kidswear from Japan, Korea and Scandi area, this report will recommend patterns with different compositions.


Kidswear pattern


Baked bread and biscuits are naturally sweet and fluffy. The orderly arrangement of single elements presents baking scenes and the pictures in illustrated handbooks. Different tonal elements can also be arranged randomly. To the design of local pattern, we can take the illustrations during the Art Nouveau for reference. The combination of decorative letters and sweets form rather elegant patterns.


Happiness Baking pattern


The bread on retro posters presents distinct visual tension and appealing colors. We select single food elements and combine retro tones with geometric shapes to form scattered patterns, which are both old-fashioned and stylish. Designers can add brand labels into the patterns to improve the recognization.


Retro Poster pattern


Personified element always plays an important role in kidswear design. Candies and snacks are personified to increase the playfulness and tell stories. Kids can better accept these friendly elements. The following pictures which come from some representative food posters can bring inspirations to designers.


Personification Poster pattern


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