The Renewed Front Fly of Detail Craft Trend for Womenswear

Author:Tom 2021-08-13



The changes of front fly are mainly presented by deconstruction, patchwork, decorative ruffles and tortuosity. Twisted structure is also combined with button tab and layer to show individuality; deconstruction and scallop shape are more stylish; the irregular and delicate hollows brought by mechanical principle provides subtle details.




The bust size is shrunk intentionally, which provides delicate and irregular hollows because of the mechanical principle and tension. Colored edges and exquisite buttons can be used to strengthen the delicacy.


Tension Hollow Out


The tortuosity design of front fly is guided by twisting and crossing. Irregularly tailored arch front fly is combined with hollow out to strengthen the femininity and create a minimalist style. The crossed details bring a modern and playful feel.


Tortuosity Aesthetics


The patchwork of different materials is more individualized, which strengthens the avant-garde fashion accent and satisfies the design concept of some consumers.


Patchwork Front Fly


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