The Recommendation of Pattern Mosaic Artists

Author:Tom 2021-11-22

Pattern Artist


A mosaic is a design which consists of small pieces of coloured glass, pottery, or stone set in concrete or plaster. Mosaic is now extended from architectures to our daily lives.


Pattern Artist


The Ukrainian artist Zhanna Kadyrova is still exploring the relationship between architectures and mosaic. The latest works on La Biennale di Venezia 2019 presented clothing and bedding made of hotel ceramic tiles.


Zhanna Kadyrova


The American painter Adam Lister reinterprets these famous paintings and cultural signals by pixel watercolor painting. Inspired by the 8-bit Nintendo and Atari games in his childhood, Adam brings us a familiar yet nostalgic touch. These abstract characters that he made are highly recognizable.


Adam Lister


After the training in the school of art decoration, the graphic designer Michelle creates mosaic patterns from a contemporary view. To him, with the support of soil, wood, and slate, a wide range of tones are regrouped to form mosaic patterns.


Michelle Combeau


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