The Pursuing Comfort Fabric Trend for Women's Sportswear

Author:Tom 2020-07-01

Women's Sportswear


In S/S 2022, sports fabrics will focus on a comfortable and natural feel, which is key in the post-coronavirus era. Skin-friendly original degradable cotton and linen fabrics and stretchable knits wrap human body softly, providing comfort during exercise. Crushed shells are lightweight and protective, breathable and cosy. Textured sweatshirt fabrics and tactile ribs are edgy and novel. They are noteworthy in S/S 2022.

Women's Sportswear
Natural degradable cotton and linen are temperature-controlling and moisture-wicking. Natural colors and vegetable dyestuff are employed for sustainability and enough comfort.
Original Materials
Irregular recycled yarns are blended for a crushed texture. Bio-coating is lightweight, water-proof and dust-proof. Lightweight materials bring comfort during exercise. This kind of fabric is ideal for outdoor styles such as trousers and lightweight outerwear.
Crushed Shells
Knitted fabrics are stretchable and day-to-night comfortable. Knitting crafts create multiple textures and refined looks. Knitted fabrics are easy to engineer, fit for various items from basic layers to outerwear and ideal for yoga stretch clothing.
Knitted Fabrics