The Power of Words Pattern Trend for Kidswear

Author:Tom 2020-08-28

kidswear pattern


This global pandemic drives the attention to environmental protection. Inward thinking and equal rights become main topics in life. Hand-painted placards provide a way for people to express themselves. Understandable words, fonts and layouts also have their own aesthetics, which inspires kidswear patterns.


pattern trend Inspiration Source


This planet is the only home we have. We need to lead kids to pay attention to environmental protection, climate change, marine protection, planting trees and so on. Hand-painted letters are rustic and childlike, showing kids' attitude to environmental protection. And designers can combine environmental protection with fashion.


Environmental Protection Slogans pattern


There have been demonstrations for the rights of ethnic minorities. We are all humans, and we are not classified by the color, race, language, country or anything else. Slogans about equal rights will lead kids to be kind and confident.


Equal Rights pattern


Girls should not be defined by anyone. Girls can do whatever they want. Girls can also make a difference. There will be a powerful confident girly style.


The Power of Girls pattern


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