The popular electro-optic purple color is beautiful and temperament in spring and summer 2020

Author:Alice 2020-04-13

This year we want to say that the popular color is purple other than the classic blue, and spring and summer should indeed have some colorful clothes. Therefore, today we will introduced a very conspicuous and advanced color electro-violet purple. The clothes of this color are very good looking whether they are jackets or interiors. The main thing is to wear a foreign style. Come and have a look!


purple color style

The color of electro-violet is darker than ordinary purple, so it is more advanced than ordinary purple. This color makes people feel romantic, youthful, lacking the seriousness of authentic purple, and adding a trace of retro and trend, and the clothes of this color are very skin-toned behind them and look very white. Let's take a look at this magical electric light purple color style with us!


Electric light purple color matching


Although the color of electro-optic purple is advanced and fashionable, if the color matching is not good, it will lose the original sense of high quality. Therefore, you must choose advanced colors and electro-optic purple to match the different sparks, come to learn it!


Electro-optic purple + advanced black


purple color style


The electro-optic purple is originally highly saturated, so it will be more dazzling than it. If the color skills are not matched well, it may be black. The electro-optic purple is originally a bright color system. It is matched with high-grade black to neutralize the flash of electro-optic purple and bring a sense of calmness.


And the electro-optical purple also chooses the most conservative color, it will definitely not go wrong. It is recommended to wear high-grade black on it as much as possible, that is, choose a black coat, so that the general sight will stay on the whole body, giving people a very amazing feeling, and noble, It won't be vulgar.


purple color style

Black clothes full of high-grade sense have always brought their own extravagance, which is a perfect fit with the electro-optic purple that also follows the noble and elegant route. Especially when the electric light purple is made into a skirt, the drape feels very good. It matches with a high-grade black blazer or coat. It looks delicate and advanced, simple but full of caution.


Electro-optic purple + same tone purple


purple color dress


The clothes in electro-violet color can also be matched with the purple of the same color. Many people may be very doubtful about this magical match, so that it will overwhelm the high-grade sense of purple, and the editor wants to tell you that there is no choice. Purple, electric purple and taro purple or gentle purple are all very good choices.


purple color dress

The electric light purple has a deeper tone than the gentle purple or taro purple, so the two colors will not merge into one, but there is a color difference gradient. This color difference gradient will make the whole suit look very layered and increase the whole set. Look looks, but the body must not have extra colors, or it will cause dazzling visual effects.


Electro-optic purple single product recommendation


Since we have learned the color matching of electro-optic purple, that is, matching with high-grade black and purple of the same color system, then what single products of electro-optic purple will make us fall in love at a glance, then the editor will take a look And fashionable electro-optic purple single product.


Electro-optic purple dress


purple color dress


Due to the particularity of this color, the electro-optic purple dress will make the whole person's skin color whitened behind the upper body of this color dress, and it is very foreign. It is not as rustic as ordinary purple, and it always gives a sense of luxury. 


Although the electro-optic purple dress is very fashionable and very temperament, but because its entire style and color are not friendly to women with defects or imperfections in the body, it will expose the shortcomings of the crotch width. It is not recommended to start with the crotch width women .


purple color dress

It is recommended to choose the electro-optic purple dress and the length of the ankle, just to expose the ankle, showing the charm of women, and then paired with a pair of sandals, it looks advanced and elegant and mature. Be careful not to choose an electro-optic purple dress that is too short, because the legs will look very thick and unattractive.


Electro-optic purple suit


purple color suit

Originally, the clothes in the color of electric light purple are more advanced than the clothes of ordinary colors, let alone the electric light purple suit, it is more intellectual and elegant to wear, and the design of the suit suits makes the whole person very Jingqi.


And the electro-optic purple suit will stretch the entire person's leg line and waist line, appearing slender body shape, plus the electro-optic purple color is very conspicuous, so while showing people slim, it will also make the skin color appear white, perfect combination of the two , "Wonderful suit" who wears who looks good.


The electro-optic purple suit is recommended to directly choose a suit, so that it will look a little more foreign, with a pair of Martin boots or round high heels are good choices. You can also add some simple and elegant small accessories behind the upper body of the electric light purple suit, such as handbags or belts, but it is recommended to choose a more advanced white or silver to be more fashionable.


Electro-optic purple skirt


purple color style


The electro-optic purple skirt is different from the electro-optic purple dress. This skirt may have higher body requirements. Only women with thin waists and crotches can control it. As long as one of them is struck by lightning, the electro-optic purple color will stand out. It will look majestic.


But women with perfect body should not have this concern at all. The electro-optic purple skirt will not only appear thin legs and waist, but also very suitable for spring, there is a feeling of vitality, lively and stable, salty sweet.


purple color style

The electro-optic purple skirt is also very tolerant of age. Whether it is young or not, you can try the electro-optic purple skirt. Women who are younger can wear a sweater with Martin boots on the upper body, which is suitable for retro fashion. Women who are over 30 and 40 are recommended to be more mature. The electric purple skirt + suit or coat is more temperamental.


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