The Peach Nectar Color Trend for Womenswear

Author:Lisa 2023-02-17

Womenswear color


Peach Nectar is the key color in Spring/Summer 2024. The mildly bright orange-pink is suitable for the light luxury. This summer hue presents a good balance and fine quality. The team with normal basics develops dresses and tops.

Peach Nectar womenswear


In the new season, we see more Peach Nectar on elegant, minimal dresses and tops. Eye-catching red and blue are added into the basic palettes. Dark tones complete the looks and steady the visual center.


Refined Looks


The hue of Peach Nectar feels softness and calmness. The artistic pattern design is modern and minimalist, such as bold smudges, flower silhouettes, messy stripes and hazy smudges. Fabrics and crafts also pursuit the fineness. Fringes, embroideries, sprays and box pleats are noteworthy.


Fabric & Pattern


Peach Nectar and basic Sea Salt set the main tone for the palette and strengthen the layers. Vivid Flame Scarlet and Tropical Breeze decorate the places to realize the joyful mood. Plum Wine on accessories and details complete a stable palette.


Colorway Inspiration


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