The Pattern Trend of A/W 22/23 Visions Theme

Author:Tom 2021-08-06



Vision is human nature. We are always striving for the best. Our city ,architecture, space and daily life all show the yearning for a better life. An unconventional spiritual garden is opened in a minimalist and casual way to present the natural power. There is simple and modest elegancy between light and shadow, brightness and darkness, virtual and reality. Time is passing in one direction, and space is changing in multiple planes. People want to reflect infinite reveries in limited space through the interaction with space and nature.




The artist Sanyu pursued spiritual freedom for his life time, and he insisted on his own artistic principle. Human body, still lifes and small animals are painted by random and fluent strokes, letting us feel traditional Chinese painting skills and trying to breakthrough the restraint as well. These warm and delicate white, creamy and pale pink colors endow cold winter days with a soft sense of peacefulness.




An unconventional spiritual garden is opened in a minimalist and casual way. Designer paint human bodies based on the romanticism to show aesthetic and wonderful visions. Bodies with different movements are abstractly rendered to exude the borderless fusion. The conflict between low-saturation colors allow the patterns to be minimalist and individualized.


Spiritual Garden


Interlaced space and nature reflect infinite imagination in the limited space. Diverse 3D materials are integrated with color blocks in different shapes to create a gentle vibe. The restructuring of different materials can be mysterious and peaceful.


Space Imagination


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