The Pattern Trend for Men's & Women's Skiwear

Author:Tom 2021-10-25

Women's Skiwear

The development of life quality allows people to pay more attention to sports. Modern people require both warmth and style during the exerc-ising in winter, which leads to the popularity of skiing. Bold, saturated brights and dazzling patterns are rather eye-catching when galloping across the ski slope. Outstanding waterproof and breathable performance can also satisfy the needs for functionality. From established Rossignol to the newly-emerged Moncler, the updating speed of skiwear catches up with the development of society.


Women's Skiwear

The fusion of skiwear and racing elements is inspired by the badges and color blocking on racing suits. The use of zebra stripes on skiwear is noteworthy.


Mixed Racing Suit

Timeless, classic stripe has once again become the mainstream this season. Traditional houndstooth and the checked pattern evolved from brand logo are made for more conservative consumers.


Check Evolution skiwear

The hand-painted graffiti skiwear of Moncler uses bold and dazzling colors to exude the avant-garde personality, Monochromatic hand-written letters are more suitable for conservative consumers.


Graffiti & Spraying skiwear

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