The Pattern Trend for Men's Leisurely Underwear

Author:Tom 2021-03-08

fashion pattern


Since young individualization becomes the normality of menswear markets, pattern craft designs are also reformed and combined. Camouflage element is combined with letter and geometric elements. Artistic effects like graffiti and ink splashing are combined with letter and skateboard patterns. Colorful brushstroke effect, rubbing leave patterns and abstract human figures all appear on underwear this season.


Men's Underwear pattern


Military camouflage pattern pays more attention to the diverse content this season. The combination of letter, geometric lines, brand label and color lumps forms the new camouflage patterns. And its color is not limited to green any more.


Camouflage Element pattern


Extreme sports like skateboarding and motorcycling and street graffiti express the fearless attitude of youth. Artistic effects like graffiti and ink-splashing are combined with letter and skateboard patterns to break through the depressive color and present street and casual feeling.


Sports Element pattern


Artistic brushstroke effect is used widely on menswear. The calligraphic Chinese element is fluent and smooth. This kind of linear brushstroke with multiple colors is suitable for creating casual and leisurely silhouette.


Artistic Brushstroke pattern


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