The Pattern Trend for Flamboyant & Vibrant Women's Swimwear

Author:Lisa 2023-02-17

Women's Swimwear


For the coming summer, people’s appetite for swimwear is growing. Different from the sexy bikinis, these lovely styles catch eyeballs through saturated colors and vibrant patterns.


Women's Swimwear inspiration


Cute animal patterns are really childlike. Large-size animals are combined with letters and dots to form allover prints. The localized printing is more delicate.


Women's Swimwear


The printing of teddy bear is loved by countless people. The healing elements are combined with shoulder straps. The tight waisted silhouette enlivens the basics.


MOF- stretch women's swimwear


Casual letter design expresses the charm of modern women. The vibrant yet elegant designs enriches the visual effect of swimsuits. The combination with checks strengthens the fashion level.


Fashion Letters women's swimwear


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