The Pattern Trend for Chinese Style Womenswear

Author:Alice 2020-06-19

Womenswear pattern


Positioning florals display the essence of traditional Chinese painting - blank. Plain colors work with refined lines, ideal for bright fabrics. Positioning print, embroidery, jacquard and applique can deliver different feelings.


Positioning Paintings


The combination of branches and birds highlights vitality via association of activity and inertia. Cold tones are dominant, with a few orange and rose pink as decorations to enrich the picture.


Positioning Paintings


In traditional Chinese culture, bamboo symbolizes integrity and modesty. Branches and leaves of bamboo should be appropriately dense or sparse.


Charm of Bamboo


Exquisite embroidery depicts the slim figure of bamboo. Jacquard well displays color change, and textures of bamboo.


Embroidery Bamboo


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