The Pattern Craft Trend for Womenswear

Author:Alice 2020-06-03

Womenswear trend


The popularity of French style drives the rise of maximalist decorations on edges. Exquisite decoration craft shows the French style. Colors on edges are retro. Rope embroidery, embroidery on edges and cutout embroidery decorate edges of French style items.

clothing pattern
3D rope embroidery on deconstructed edges enriches the visual impact of styles. Rhinestones, beads and tubes are added, showing delicate details.
3D Rope Embroidery
Linear textures are circular and repetitive, fit for edges. Geometric patterns are applied to the hemline, cuffs and plackets. As for colors, contrast or tone-on-tone colors are more decorative.
Embroidery on Edges
Positioning patterns are more applied to placements, such as neckline, pockets, cuffs and waist, strongly decorative.
Positioning Embroidery on Edges