The Pattern Craft Trend for Women's Floral Lace Underwear

Author:Tom 2021-10-18

Women's Lace Underwear


The unique translucent effect of lace brings layers of visual changes. Splendid lace can be used on both complicated and minimalist designs to exude feminine charm. We can see that the use of lace is not a decoration, but a carrier. Good-looking design, unique craft and fine process show slightly embossed effect and indistinct features, which properly sets off women’s appeal.


Women's Lace Underwear


Flowers and leaves are selected to be element of lace patterns to form twined branches and blooming flowers. The application on lace underwear brings unique rhythms, and the reasonably-arranged flowers are active and lively.


Exquisite Lace


Single bouquets are often used on the seams of underwear. Elegant flowers are paired with gauze to feel the retro elegancy and a mature scent as well. The splicing in placement gathers the sight lines and fully exudes the exquisite details of lace.


Single Bouquet


Minimalist tiny flowers are arranged in layers to form delicate lace and give people a natural and warm touch. Different shapes of flowers send out sweetness, cuteness, and youthful vitality. The design that underlines the wonderful body shape allows the underwear to be more casual and agile.


Minimalist Tiny Flower


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