The Pattern Craft Trend for Women's Denim

Author:Alice 2020-06-24

Women's Denim


After the pandemic, people pay more attention to the impact of fashion industry on the ecological environment. This season designers start from environment protection and reuse of deadstock. Therefore, the single-color print, hand-sewn stitches, mottled landscape directly reflect current society. The innovative use of pattern crafts will help deal with unsalable fabrics and products, and inject vitality into denim items.

Women's Denim
Single-color print plays an important role in pattern crafts. With technology innovation, laser technique can create a washing effect on denim. Designers use laser burning fading to depict finer patterns. Drawing inspiration from graphic designs, matte or twisted figure patterns create a single-color effect, fit to be all-over patterns or positioning patterns to bring more possibilities.
Single-Color Print
Based on sustainability, natural dyeing crafts replace traditional ones, thus minimizing the pollution. And natural dyeing crafts inject ecological elements into tie-dye. Color is key to the surface effect. Mottled landscape patterns display new crafts. Casual color proportion inspires the stained washing effect, ideal for neutral street wear. Natural dyestuff renews the appearance of tie-dyed patterns on denim items.
Mottled Landscape denim
All-over letter prints scatter regularly or irregularly. Letters are dainty and exquisite, adding vibrancy to the basic item. Repetitive letters draw the visual focus, bold and striking.
Repetitive Patterns