The Pattern Craft Trend for Distinctive Applique Menswear

Author:Tom 2021-04-30

Menswear pattern


Applique is an unexpected masterpiece born in helplessness. Poor people in the past used embroidery and patch to mend the broken clothes, and these delicate handcrafted works become the applique. As a decoration element, applique has been popular in the fashion world for long. And with the development of crafts, creative effects are accepted by more and more consumers, such as multiple badges, cutout, multidimensional, raw-edge, fringe and craft combination.




The playfulness of fashion is the unexpected surprises. Paper cutting is integrated into applique design to form the unique cutout effect. The applique with the same color of body can present understated and charming art. Tory Burch uses round applique to show the distinctive logo play.


Menswear pattern


The diversity of applique makes it become an art. The combination with dimensional craft brings better textures. In the recent years, playful 3D applique is used to strengthen the spatial layer instead of the volume of dolls to suit more people. The 3D applique of PRADA presents a unique visual effect of sculpture.


Menswear pattern


Applique is a kind of support design as the effect of pocket. The fringe design on monochrome clothing improves the layers and doesn't make the style too fancy and messy.


Fringe Accent pattern


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