The Pants are More Popular in the Year

Author:Tom 2020-02-12

Nowadays, people's brains are getting bigger and bigger, and innovative things are emerging. This is especially reflected in clothing. Today, there are more and more types of clothing on the market, which make people dazzled. Don’t know which one to choose? A piece of clothing on the market just picks one with a super high value, but it doesn't necessarily look good if it looks beautiful. It doesn't necessarily suit you. How do you choose?

Skirts are very tempting for girls, and indeed they are. Girls in skirts seem to be gentler and more pleasing, but it seems that pants are more popular this year, whether they are leggings or wide-leg pants. The characteristics are as gentle as wearing on the body, and the three ways of wearing pants are presented. Dear girls, did you get ready for small notes!

1 Coat + pants

Coats are absolutely the first charming one in all fashion items. Which girl doesn't have one or two coats in the wardrobe? But it seems that girls prefer to put skirts and coats together, because they look more temperamental and more gentle ladies. Skirts are really good, but leggings have another style.

Women must think that leggings are only suitable for thin girls. If the body is too fat, is it not good to wear it? In fact, it's not at all. The coat style is very long, so it can cover the crotch and thigh when worn on the body, and only the slim legs are exposed.

But maybe some girls said, if I have a fat leg, don't worry, isn't this the time that wide-leg pants are popular? Wide-leg pants look good in a coat, leggings increase the sense of intelligence, wide-leg pants increase the sense of maturity, no matter what kind of pants, you will not step on the thunder when wearing it, this winter will definitely make you become a fashionable person in seconds.

In addition, if it is wide-leg pants, it is best not to exceed the length of the ankle. If it has been exceeded, you can imitate the girl in the picture above, pin up the pants and add a short boot of the same color.

2 Sweaters + pants

The sense of youth and fashion has always been a state pursued by women. Although the functions of cosmetics are now very powerful, female friends generally have become much slower in the aging of their looks. In addition to skin care, female friends also prefer to look younger by wearing ties, such as choosing a youthful fashion shirt or floral dress, which can be a lot younger on the body.

But today's little girls seem to like the pursuit of simplicity and beauty, such as simple sweaters and a pair of pants, whether it is leggings or wide-leg pants, they look good to wear, tight pants and sweaters are thin and stylish. Wide-leg pants and sweaters are free and easy to wear together. Any style looks very age-reducing. Canvas shoes can be selected on the shoes. Even high-heeled shoes are fine. They are still young on the body.

If you want to reduce the age a little, the girls can put up a high pony tail, or simply keep a long curly hair. In addition to being young, it looks more gentle and euphemistic, and has a feminine color.

3 Sweatshirt + pants

Although T-shirts and sportswear jackets are also very young to wear on the body, they are all more than a sweatshirt. They all say that the girl in the sweater is a child. It ’s true, the style of the sweater is simple, and it is extremely tolerant to color. Whether it is on the market or on the street, colorful sweaters can be seen everywhere, and they have no sense of inconsistency on the body. It can be seen that this clothing is "tolerant" to wear.

Now, according to the requirements of different seasons, there have been many changes in the style of the sweatshirt. For example, the style of the girl's displacement in the left picture is a bit like a t-shirt. It looks thin and loose, and a bit like a lazy wind. It looks good with white loose pants.

In addition to cold-colored sweatshirt, warm-colored sweatshirts also look very old. For example, the orange and rose red sweatshirt in the picture above, orange is already an upset color in clothing, and rose red is even less pitiful in clothing. , But they are these two unpleasant colors, changing the style to a sweatshirt, wearing it so good-looking on the body, whether it is wearing light-colored jeans, or dark coffee-colored loose pants, it is fashionable to wear the cute little sweet girl, plus the must-have canvas shoes for girls, the effect is simply not great!

Don't you know what to wear after this year? After the weather is warmer, put on a simple coat, choose a sweater that fits your eyes, buy a sweater of your own, and any style that goes with pants is super stylish, low-key and restrained, but it looks very fashionable, do you like it too?