The New Neutrals Color Trends for S/S 2022 Womenswear

Author:Tom 2020-09-18

Womenswear theme trend


Trendy colors are closely related to the social background. In this post-coronavirus era, we need optimistic and healing colors. Unlike conventional back, white, grey and brown neutrals, new neutrals retain features of neutrals but mix with chromatic tones in lowered saturation and brightness. Pastel colors in low saturation under the theme of Inner World as well as natural creamy and camel tones are all organic and healthy, calm and healing.


Theme Background


Escape to a deserted distant place and listen to the inner voice. White Sand, Wax Yellow and Green Tint mix with a greyish filter, with Toasted Nut to create a tranquil and beautiful vibe. Pastel colors in lowered saturation are low-key and healing.


Inner World


Natural pastel makeup in lowered saturation is a trendy makeup now. New neutrals are vague and not recognizable at first sight, which is just what modern women prefer. Neutral colors are combined with matte granular textures, fully displaying the natural makeup in low saturation.




Pastel colors in low saturation is low-key and soothing in the post-coronavirus era. Natural fabrics such as cotton and blended linen are dominant. In S/S 2022, items are simple yet elegant, such as minimal dresses and shirts, catering to people's pursuit of tranquility and relaxation.


Catwalk Looks


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