The New Look of Artificial Goods Thematic Color Trend for Women's Fur Clothing

Author:Alice 2020-01-15

Women's Fur Clothing


Artificial goods are increasingly used in industry and life. The cutting-edge technologies like 5G, artificial intelligence, and VR are not only affecting people's way of thinking, but also changing the aesthetics. At the same time, the awash plastic waste raises people's concerns about the environment. In this background, fashionable colors are unnatural, synthetic, bold and shining with an artificial sheen. And they deliberately emphasize the reality to strengthen the realistic sense of life.


theme color


Generation Z is frequently exposed to electronic technology and manufactured goods, and enjoys convenient life after birth. They are used to paying for virtual experiences, and increasingly eager to be recognized by their peers and willing to spend time with friends. The color palette which shows the close connection between trendy youngsters and the "creation" world. There are cartoon yellow, plastic pink, virtual red, gingko green and icicle, and synthetic blue strengthens the realistic sense.


Thematic Colors for women


The development of new technology has ushered in a new era. Artificial fur, synthetic fibers and plastic derivatives are readily available. Neon color tones with high saturation create dreamlike reality. Key warm and cold colors with an artificial sheen contradict each other and coordinate with each other. And they are also the unity of reason and sensibility.


Key Colors


Influenced by science and technology, red is more modern, more fashionable and younger. Virtual red with warm and pinkish tones is bright and bold. It leaves some space for saturation, symbolizing the positive and open mind of exploring the unknown, warm interaction with others, and the increasingly peaceful life.


Virtual Red- Inspiration


Virtual red is applied to leather and fur to add a fashionable sense. As a main color, it brings a pleasing visual experience, and carries optimistic futurism and positive spirit of fun. Dark colors like black and blue are complementary to be closer to life.


Virtual Red- Clothing Collocation


Under the influence of intelligent technology, artificial goods are gradually closer to reality and nature. Synthetic blue extracted from coral has grey and blue tones, calm and subtle. It is also as cold as industrial products, mysterious and melancholy. It replaces the bright but unnatural technical blue. The inspiration source of this color can be artificial light source, virtual space, plastic products and biological technology.


Synthetic Blue- Inspiration


Unnatural blurring and design details add the mysterious sense of synthetic blue. Bright colors like new mint green and silver are eye-catching. Spliced materials could strengthen the layered sense and the visual impact, and coordinate the negative element in the color.


Synthetic Blue- Clothing Collocation


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