The Naughty Bowknot Detail Craft Trend for Womenswear

Author:Spring 2022-02-24



Naughty and girly bowknot is a signature detail for youthful womenswear, which has also been a popular element on latest S/S fashion shows. This report will demonstrate the detail craft trend for S/S 2023 womenswear through the introduction of chest design, waist bowknot, back design, self-fabric bowknot, voluminous styling, and functional connection.
Knots and kinks on the front structures wrap the chests. Bowknots can also be decorated directly on the chest to develop naughty and sexy S/S tops.
Chest Design
Bowknots on the waists of skirts and dresses catch eyeballs and improve the proportion. Tied-up knots on the waistline tighten the waist and beautify the body shape.
Waist Bowknot
The bowknots on backless clothes catch eyeballs and set off the pretty large-scale bared back. Besides, the knotting on back can also connect structures and fabrics.
Back Design