The most fashionable clothing color matching schemes in 2021 autumn and winer

Author:Tom 2021-10-13

Every autumn and winter, the earth color system will become a hot spot for wardrobe investment. From beige sweaters to camel coats, as long as this color system appears, it represents high quality and taste.


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For office workers, the earth tone is better than the basic black and gray in terms of texture. In the past few seasons, the fashion circle has also given this color a very artistic name indifferent color.


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It coincides with the hot "wabi-sabi wind" nowadays. The coolness and estrangement, tranquility and elegance are perfectly presented in this color system, which is exclusive to those girls who have stories and self-cultivation.


Earth color + blue


Because the earth color contains a little yellow tone, it is easy to look dull, and it is easier to wear a complexion with bright colors, and it is refreshing and refreshing with blue, and it looks good all year round.


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Earth color + green


Earth color + green is a set of modern, fashionable and stylish colors. Both belong to the natural color system, and also belong to the Morandi color system which has been very popular in recent years.


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Earth color + yellow


The combination of earth color and yellow makes it easy to wear a high-class and elegant feeling. Especially light yellow or bright yellow, full of bright autumn sun.


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Earth color + wine red


If you want to wear the earthy color with more autumn and winter charm, you might as well try the red color. The photos you take are like adding a layer of autumn retro style filter.


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Earth color + white


Earth color + white is a color that is easy to wear all year round. White weakens the grayness of the earth color, and the earth color brings out the white texture. The beauty is high-level, free and quiet.


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Earth color + Earth color


When the earth color is worn with the same color, we can use camel as the main color, and then look for the beige, nude or caramel color in the same color to match.


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Earth color + black


For the earth color of autumn and winter, the first color of most people should be black. In addition to the more common items in this color, there is also a perception that black clothes are more skinny.


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