The Most Advanced Dressing is Mminimalist

Author:Tom 2019-11-06

Remove excess, extremely simple. The most advanced dressing is minimalist!


Minimalism emerged from the 1960s and soon became one of the mainstream sects of western modern art. Simple style has also begun to be sought after by people.




In this year's fashion trend, the minimalist style attracts people's attention, the simple silhouette, the neat and simple cutting, is the simple line, but enough to prop up our powerful gas field! Sweaters silhouette is loose and lazy, but can highlight our slim.


simple sweater


The minimalist style of sweater is purely plain, and the relaxed and casual silhouette sweater makes people feel more casual and more fashionable. The colors are mostly black, white, gray, blue, camel and other achromatic or cool colors. This year, It is also added a lot of Morandi colors, with low saturation, and the Malandi color with gray tone is in the minimalist style that is look more advanced.


simple style sweaters


In addition to the silhouette of the coat in the minimalist style, the simple H-shape is also popular in this year. The silhouette coat is good atmosphere, but not suitable for small girls, simple H-type coat, natural waist, the line is not too rigid and complex, more suitable for girls who are not tall, you can also try to wear minimalist, more gas field and more advanced.


simple coat


The white sweater is loose and casual, with caramel wide-leg pants that is full of lazy and casual, the overall mix is clean and age-reducing, giving a very comfortable and soft feeling, simple and coordinated, but also a sense of fashion.


sweater and dresses


In the minimalist style, suits are the standard for women in the workplace. Intellectual and advanced are the accents we want. In the matching of the suit, we will not use too flamboyant colors, pay attention to the singularity and coordination of color. The most common ones are black, white, gray, and camel. These advanced colors, how to wear them, it will not go wrong.


simple suits


Since it is minimal, we must not choose too much when choosing colors. In general, the minimalist wind can not wear more than 3 colors up and down the whole body, all black is the most classic color matching, you can also choose black plus coffee, camel plus black, biege plus gray and other color combinations, are very classic and extremely simple.


simple coat collocation


The black coat is the most minimalist, the simple black coat with black turtleneck sweater and simple water-brushed blue jeans, it is not only looks advanced, but also has a very casual comfort, using a belt to create a high waist line, so a small girl will be high, and it is also easy to control the minimalist style.


long simple coat


This year is popular oatmeal color, oatmeal between white and gray, very intellectual and elegant color. The oatmeal coat is paired with an oatmeal dress. The matching of the same color is very high. There is a low-key and luxurious beauty, which is very suitable for girls whose skin color is not too white.


simple coat


White shirt with black silhouette sweater and black wide-leg pants, giving an elegant and fashionable feeling in minutes, it is neither too orthodox, but also youthful that can be worn at any age, it is too advanced .


white shirt with black sweater and pants


For minimalist wear, the accessories must be minimalist, the more simpler and more advanced!


Extremely simple, there is a kind of smashing extreme that attributed to the calm, it is not artificial and not flow-by-flow! So nice.


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