The Meta-Heuristics S/S 2023 Theme Forecast

Author:Tom 2021-12-01

Theme Forecast

According to the researches toward consumer portraits, data trend, design evolution, and the dynamics of fashion industry, the forward-looking group of POP Fashion released the forecast of five themes in S/S 2023 to predict the fashion trend and broaden the horizon of fashion design. When the virtual world started the fashion "Metaverse", the physical world opens the "Animism", which is the future vision of Meta-Heuristics, the mega theme of S/S 2023.


Theme Forecast

POP is committed to providing users with the most accurate and practical trend forecast and market information. Meta-Heuristics-- A/W 22/23 Theme Forecast is co-created by the most senior trend researchers of POP's trend team.


Theme Forecast

Metaverse: With the shift between virtuality and reality, the digital world made a brand new interpretation through dynamic visual art and technological dark tones.

Multifaceted Player: Under the fast life pace, urban people need to switch between multiple characters and scenes. Impactive tones and sublimated activeness interpret one’s value.

Retro Time: Go back to the classic moments and release pressure. Gentle tones are integrated with saturated colors to express the mindset of Hedonism.

Deed: Getting rid of the control of science and technology, find the new self in the future scientism. Erosive, mechanical, and skin-touch pales interpret the confidence of niche culture in a world of spiritual illusion.

Animism: From dawn to dusk, the colors of sky are grouped to form a wonderful rhythm. The pure pales in spring are matched with neutrals to interpret the fashion about natural spaces and modern cities.


Theme Forecast

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