The Luxury Brand Classics Fashion Bags are more popular

Author:Tom 2021-09-03

Once upon a time, the title of "explosive bag" was only exclusive to the new products launched by the brand that year, but now this situation is changing.


After the epidemic, rumors about the collective price increase of many top luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Chanel have continued. However, these rumors are not all groundless. The annual price hikes routinely performed by luxury brands in the past have now become more frequent. The latest market news is that Louis Vuitton will increase the price of its Monogram presbyopia series. At the same time, a source said that the number of presbyopia products in the Louis Vuitton store has been significantly reduced. It is expected that the brand will reduce the production of presbyopia products in the future to ensure the scarcity of the series and maintain consumers’ desire for it. 


Up to now, Louis Vuitton has not yet made an official response to the news, and this has also allowed the "price increase and production reduction" rumors to further arouse consumers' enthusiasm for buying Louis Vuitton presbyopia products.


fashion bag


Monogram presbyopia bag by Louis Vuitton


In fact, the presbyopic series has always occupied the mainstream position in the Louis Vuitton handbag category, and handbags have always been a powerful engine for the brand's rapid growth. The LVMH Group’s financial report for the first half of 2021 released last month showed that net profit during the reporting period was 5.29 billion euros, an increase of 62% year-on-year, which is 10 times that of the most severe epidemic in 2020, and sales rose to 28.7 billion. Euro, an increase of 56%. Among them, the "fashion and leather goods department" where brands such as Louis Vuitton are located contributed the most revenue to the group, with a profit of 5.66 billion euros, a year-on-year increase of 74%.


In the past, basically only the new bags launched by the brand that year could become popular. But now, whether it is from the perspective of Louis Vuitton's production cut and price increase of the presbyopia series, or a glance at the big picture of various luxury brands relaunching archive bags, we can perceive that the classic models are getting better. Hair is sought after by the fashion circle.


In the fashion circle of innovation and change, the classic models that symbolize tradition and history have now become the protagonists of the stage, which will inevitably make people feel incredible. But if we analyze the classic models that are the main hits of the big names nowadays, the situation in front of us is not completely incomprehensible. Even if the new classic models can be found in the historical archives of the brand, the relationship between them and the original version cannot be summarized simply by the word "one-to-one restoration". The correct way to solve the problem is to make the classic models last forever, and refurbish them in response to the context of the times and the needs of consumers.


Even though the classic models that big brands renovate every year are endless, there are actually templates that can be summed up in the second creation method: colorful color matching + eye-catching logo + rich fabrics. Take Gucci's latest Diana bamboo bag this year as an example. According to the brand's publicity information, this tote bag, which was born in 1991 and is equipped with a bamboo handle, was once one of the single products used by Princess Diana.


It can be seen from the relevant historical pictures that the bamboo bag is crisp and neat, with sufficient capacity, and the main color of the earth color, which fully shows the practical orientation of this bag. But under the clever hands of Alessandro Michele, the creative director of the brand, this bag is changed into a colorful coat. Except for the classic black and white, the rest of the colors are basically emerald green, pale pink and light blue and other youthful colors, adding to the decorative attributes of the bag. , Which precisely fits the aesthetic orientation of the younger generation.


fashion bag


Gucci Diana bamboo bag


At the beginning of its birth, the bamboo bag did not have any obvious brand logo, only the two eye-catching bamboo handles on the bag played the role of brand recognition. Obviously, this obscure traceability method comes with its own use threshold. Basically, at least a little knowledge of the brand story can be found in order to find the connection between bamboo knot and Gucci.


In today's information-intensive and turbulent era, too subtle clues are obviously out of date. Therefore, when refurbishing the bamboo bag, the brand not only added a highly recognizable double G LOGO on the front of the bag, but also twisted the bamboo knot. The buckle with the name of the brand is printed on the circle, so that the brand identity that symbolizes multiple information such as identity, circle, wealth, etc. floods the vision of consumers.


Diana's fashion bag

Princess Diana


Among the many design adjustments, fabric can be regarded as the strongest premium bargaining chip of the big names. The Gucci Diana, which is also a mini model, has a domestic price of 22,900 yuan, even if it is the Pupi version. However, the price of the rare leather version is even higher, with the python skin version exceeding $5000, and the ostrich skin version exceeding $10000.


When each refurbished classic is launched, it rarely comes out in one size alone. Out of business considerations, brands often prepare various versions from mini to large, responding to consumers' needs whether for decorative styling or practical commuting.


In addition, some brands will start from refurbishing classic models and concoct a series of luxuriant derivative models to increase the repurchase rate of followers. A closer look at the Dior official website, it is not difficult to find that the classic saddle bags of the brand have extended into a huge family, ranging from waist bags, clutches to messenger bags. Although the shape of the saddle has not been preserved, the classic curved flaps are in the same line.


fashion bagDior saddle bag


In the past, major brands always tried their best to design new bags in order to create explosive models that could drive performance. But now, brands are increasingly inclined to bet their sales data on refurbished classic models. What this reflects is actually the strategic changes caused by the external consumption environment.


In the current handbag market, big brands not only need to be wary of old rival light luxury brands, but also need to guard against niche brands that have become popular overnight with the help of social media and celebrity effects. In such a fierce market competition, it is obviously an unwise move to devote yourself to the new design. Not only is it time-consuming, but the probability of encountering cold is also extremely high. Therefore, refurbishing classic models seems to be the most appropriate way to break the game.


Comparing the refurbished classic models of various big brands horizontally, we will find that the big brands do not choose randomly when drawing materials from historical archives, but focus on the styles that have had a hit record. Like Fendi’s Baguette baguette, it successfully turned into a well-known fashion item at the beginning of the millennium using the popular drama "Sex and the City". According to previous sales data, Baguette has sold up to 600,000 units even at a high price in its peak 10 years.


fashion bag


Fendi Baguette bag


Similarly, Prada's Galleria killer bag refurbished this year is also a smash hit representative. In the movie "Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Action" released in 2011, the glamorous and elegant female killer Léa Seydoux carries a neat black killer bag every time she makes her appearance. Under the dual boost of celebrity and movie effects, the killer was in the limelight and once set the title of Prada's highest-selling king, selling nearly 10,000 a day.


fashion black bagPrada Galleria bag


The refurbishment of these best-selling classics reflects the brand's mentality of seeking stability in performance. These bags have been tested by the market, and still have a deep emotional imprint in the traditional high-net-worth consumer groups. The probability of becoming popular again is obviously higher than that of other brand-new faces.


And judging from the buying habits of mass consumers, the classic and practical models have always had many followers. McKinsey, a global management consulting company, pointed out that among the massive Chinese luxury consumer groups, there is a type of characteristic representatives who are "eager for the upper class". This group is basically composed of ordinary white-collar workers with moderate income and self-sufficiency. Most of them believe that luxury goods can help them to enter a certain group. In terms of demand, these people prefer classic models with obvious signs.


In addition, Stratifyd analyzed public user comment data on the domestic luxury e-commerce platform Secoo and found that classic models are still very popular among domestic luxury goods consumers. 75% of the respondents said they prefer to buy classics. payment.


Consumers used to go through a psychological tug-of-war when buying classic bags. On the one hand, the classic models are versatile and have a relatively long service life. But on the other hand, because of the lack of innovation, the classic models are mostly older styles, and because of the long time they have been available, the rate of collision is still high. However, after the emergence of the refurbished classic category, consumers’ purchase resistance has been significantly reduced. These bags retain the essence of classic models, but they can change with time and add influx fashion elements, which fully balances consumers’ long-lasting desires. Durable and want to pursue early adopters.


In addition, the introduction of refurbished classic models can also be regarded as an effective means to prevent the loss of brand customers. Whenever a luxury brand reshuffles the creative director, there is always a period of turbulence that cannot be avoided. The new director made drastic changes to the brand to establish a visual language with a strong personal touch. Under this kind of change, it is possible to achieve the acquisition of new fans, and it may also cause the loss of old fans. To plug the gap, re-engraving the classics of previous designers seems to be the safest way to make up for the leaks.


For example, Maria Grazia Chiuri, the creative director of Dior women's clothing, brought the classic Saddle bag designed by John Galliano back to people's eyes in the 2018 autumn and winter high-end ready-to-wear collection. This bag first appeared in the brand's spring and summer show in 2000. The model wore a red satin dress with a diagonal collar and matched this unique shape of the bag. The collision of high fashion and street elements fully reflects the unique design of John Galliano. aesthetics.


Through this enduring saddle bag, which has been highly sought after in the second-hand resale market, Maria Grazia Chiuri successfully added a powerful player to Dior's explosive bag lineup, and menswear creative director Kim Jones brought it. Into the men’s bags, a number of new men’s bags based on saddle bags have been introduced.


fashion bagDior men's saddle bag


Finally, in the face of the current craze for the Middle Ages, it is a natural choice for brands to choose to refurbish their own classic models. When more and more consumers flood into the second-hand market, hoping to find the brand's unique classic models, this also makes the brand start to think, why not use the means of refurbishing classic models to transform these scattered customers in the Middle Ages market into themselves Beautiful numbers in performance?


Therefore, we can often see an interesting phenomenon now: those classic models that have been clustered on the shelves of second-hand stores a while ago are replaced with new ones and appear in the gorgeous windows of the counters in a blink of an eye.


fashion bagChanel 2.55 bag


We believe that for a long period of time, as long as consumer demand has not undergone earth-shaking changes, refurbished classic models can still occupy a place in the fashion circle. But what needs to be vigilant is that whether classic models can become popular is often determined by the potential of the brand. The reason why consumers are still willing to pay for a brand's classic models is that the brand is still hot and traffic in this era, which can make others feel yearning. For those brands that have been marginalized, whether refurbishing classic models can miraculously bring about a reversal of fate, it still needs time to reveal the answer.


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