The LI-NING Analysis of Benchmark Sportswear Brand

Author:Tom 2021-09-23



LI-NING regrouped and recreated classic elements with brand logo to extend a series of pattern design. Diversified brand elements were fused with modernized painting to interpret of design concept, 'remodeling'. Isolated details were combined together in a random yet not casual way to form an organic whole.




Originated from the street basketball, the collection was titled BADFIVE to represent the rebellious basketball style. The logo is formed by a fist, octagon and rim.


BADFIVE Collection


Passing through the cities and exploring in the wild, LI-NING released its outdoor urban items for those who love new outdoor lifestyles. The collaboration with CHINATOWN MARKET integrated American creativity into urban outdoor items to break the limit and pursue the freedom.




The Disney cooperation of LI-NING, Mickey x Keith Haring, injected rebellious spirit into Mickey Mouse to redefine the cuteness.


LI-NING Disney Mickey X Keith Haring


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