The Letter Combination Pattern Craft Trend for Menswear

Author:Spring 2024-03-07

Pattern Craft Trend for Menswear


This report presents a variety of pattern techniques, which are refined into five perspectives: layered applique, three-dimensional touch, street print & embroidery, fun embroidery, and college embroidery. It interprets the application of diverse pattern techniques and creates a rich visual effect and artistic expression of clothing patterns.


Layered Applique


The design of retaining the edges of the applique to showcase individual needs. Usually combined with printing, embroidery and other techniques to enhance visual effects. In addition, the integration of metal rivets and other accessories adds a street effect, further endowing the layering process with a unique design technique.


Layered Applique


Foaming printing process has delicate foam texture and three-dimensional visual effect; Concave and convex printing achieves a three-dimensional effect similar to "relief" through shaping silicone and high-temperature alignment embossing technology; Slurry printing can be used to present texture effects similar to stones and lava, providing more options for printing processes.


3D Touch


Combining printing and embroidery techniques enhances visual tension through differentiated collision of color and texture, providing a more layered effect for a single process. By using different needle designs and color schemes, various atmospheres such as mottled, futuristic, and mysterious can be presented in a more interesting way.


Print & Embroidery


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