The latest fashion trends in the 2021 haute couture show

Author:Tom 2021-07-16

The 2021 haute couture show is coming. This is the return of one of the few offline shows since the new crown epidemic. As the pyramid of fashion art and the dream of women’s clothing, the Couture series showcases the exquisite craftsmanship of each fashion house.Balenciaga, who has been away for a long time, returns in this haute couture week. No matter how long it takes, Couture is still like a ray of fashion circle" "White Moonlight" possesses a noble and pure soul.




Delicate embroidery


This season's Dior High Order show ended in Paris in the form of a movie. The whole series all show the brand's breaking of restrictions and constraints, and reshape the true value of High Order.




The fabrics have a real touch. Embroidery, various checks, tweeds, textures and different dimensions of black and white and colorful colors show the stunning and classic of this season. The long skirt is soft and gorgeous, and the chain is hand-woven to depict the moving patterns on the skirt, as if Explore the real existence in the virtual age.


haute couture stylehaute couture stylehaute couture stylehaute couture stylehaute couture style


French artist VA JOSPIN's work CHAMBRE DE SOIE also appeared in the release show. The vivid embroidery patterns on the walls of the show are reminiscent of the India-inspired SALLE AUXBRODERIES in the COLONNA PALACE in Rome.




In this series, Dior reveals the true beauty of the subtleties. In the process of profound changes in the world, he uses artistic practice to define the true desire in his heart.





Giorgio Armani


Romance and lightness


This season’s Giorgio Armani conference once again came to the Italian Embassy in Paris, to pay tribute to the spring and summer haute couture series-"In Homage to Milan" , designer symbols, lines and colors To express new ideas, open a dialogue that travels through time and space.


fashion dress


The design inspiration that travels through the seasons makes this season's haute couture series create a light and pleasant texture. At the same time, the flow of fabrics creates a vibrant and vivid look, elegant, romantic, and unique in configuration.


haute couture dresshaute couture dress


Embroidery and a weightless support structure depict the classic and fashionable styles of the Haute Couture series, with novel color schemes interspersed with unique colors and full of style. Exquisite accessories and simple design have become the finishing touch of this season's look.




Tough French Garden


The Chanel of this series was released at Palais Galliera, the Paris Fashion Museum, presenting various fashion muses in a series of styles.




The Chanel 2021/22 autumn and winter haute couture collection is developed around the inspirational theme of "painting". "I revisited the portrait of Gabrielle Chanel. She was dressed in a black or white costume in the style of the 1880s. It reminded me of the paintings, those of Bert Moriso, Marie Laurence and Edward · Manet’s paintings. Said by Virgenie Weia. This season's Impressionist-inspired dresses, painting-like skirts, and a white silk satin dress with a pair of black bows, as if by Mori So draw it out.


Chanel styleChanel style


For this leaping color conference, the choice to be held in Palazzo Galliera couldn't be more appropriate. This Parisian fashion museum is a true palace of art and fashion, and an exhibition tribute to Gabrielle Chanel is also held here. "Because I like to see some colors in a gray winter day," Vigini Weia continued, "I want to create a particularly colorful series, full of gorgeous embroidery, which will make people feel warm."


Chanel styleChanel style


This season, there are dresses embroidered with water lilies, black tweed jackets delicately woven into feathers, embellished with red and pink floral ornaments, said Vigini Weia, and the English garden also gave me inspiration. I like to mix and match a touch of British in a very French style, just like me in this series, letting neutral and feminine styles blend. This collision of styles is also part of my personality.


Chanel style




Back to the classic


This season's Balenciaga is the first haute couture collection for the 50th season of the fashion house since the founder Cristóbal Balenciaga left the fashion industry in 1967. It is also the first haute couture series under the direction of art director Demna Gvasalia.


fashion style


Inspired by tailoring derived from architecture, this series gives clothing a new look. Exquisite craftsmanship interprets modern dress elements, paying tribute to the highly respected haute couture history of the Balenciaga brand.


fashion style


Balenciaga Couture Winter 21 series cooperates with millinery, embroidery, fabric brands and workshops to reshape the brand's iconic silhouette design. In order to pay tribute to Mr. Cristóbal Balenciaga, his initials C.B. was embroidered on silk ties, poplin shirts and leather gloves and other design works with his signature style by hand embroidery.


fashion style


This season's Balenciaga uses high-quality fabrics to create a new way of wearing customized

clothing. The use of composite fabrics is unexpected, and the textures of the fabrics collide with each other to create a illusion effect. From the past to the present, beyond the time limit, it is always an outstanding design that is timeless and classic.


fashion style






"Pasolini has witnessed the modernization of Rome. In my opinion, that is where the fun lies: connecting the times, connecting the new and the old, the present and the past."-Kim Jones


Fendi style


This season's FENDI Haute Couture series interprets the brand from one end to the end. Starting from Kim Jones' first haute couture series, this season is the return of the "eternal city" in Rome. This series restores the texture and contours of clothing through various fabrics and dressing effects, reproduces classics and exquisiteness, all highlighting the brand's exquisite craftsmanship. At the scene, the show models of different ages and personal styles were like cultural controversies in ancient Rome, showing the brand's inclusiveness and understanding of this city of Rome.


Fendi style

Fendi style


Film producer Luca Guadagnino also directed this season's show through his understanding of Pasolini. History will project the urgent and subtle reality of the present, the past blends into the present, and breathes with us. Here, FENDI once again demonstrated the spirit of visiting Rome's past and looking forward to the future of Rome.




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