The Lace Embroidery Fabric Analysis of Première Vision Paris

Author:Spring 2023-03-21

Première Vision Paris


From animal-inspired motifs to classic openwork, the diverse styles of lace fabric display the fine craftsmanship. Openwork embroideries and various meshes are the main trending fabrics.


Première Vision Paris


Wild Nature

Pattern: scale; feather; tree bark; stem & leaf; cobweb

Technical Highlight: blending of metallic yarns

Materials: polyamide; polyester; viscose

Relevant for: tops; dress; shirt


Wild Nature fabric


Sweet Retro

Pattern: magnolia flower; lily of the valley

Technical Highlight: embroidery; water-soluble lace; crocheting

Materials: cotton; polyamide; spandex

Relevant for: dress; shirt; outerwear


Sweet Retro


Various Mesh

Pattern: geometry

Technical Highlight: woven; knit; crochet

Materials: polyester fibers

Relevant for: dress; shirt; outerwear; pants; activewear


Various Mesh fabric


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