The high end mix and match style is popular now

Author:Tom 2020-03-27

In the OFF-WHITE show of the 2020 Fall-Winter Fashion Week, Virgil Abloh mixed sportswear and romantic wedding dresses with hard cores to bring the freedom of fusion to the extreme and full of styling.

In fact, in a diverse world, mashups already exist in various fields. Sneakers don't have to match sportswear, and dresses don't have to match high heels. Under the concept of multiple intersections, the fun and sexy mix-and-match style has never let its followers down.

Material mix and match

The seemingly irrelevant materials are matched together to present a variety of design details. Different fabrics mix and match, creating different sparks, which is exactly the charm of material mix and match.

Color Mix and match

Mix powdery colors is creating a hazy beauty. The mix of colors is not only presents the texture of the clothing, but also brings deep visual effects.

Print Mix and match

As people's interest in national style increases day by day, it promotes exquisite and unique exotic styles, and printing patterns have begun to learn from this style. Reinvent classic flowers and plaids through clever deconstruction or decorative design, is bringing new ideas to the overall shape.

Layer Mix and match

Hierarchical mashups are especially useful during the spring and fall seasons. For your clothes to be less boring, layering is important. Using the layered mix and match, the whole is perfectly presented visually.