The Hand-painted Art Design Development of Infants

Author:Tom 2021-06-15

dress and skirt


Art is an eternal topic. Free graffiti of children is painted on clothing to present a distinctive fun hand-painted art. Cute animals and irregular geometric shapes combine childish strokes with joyous colors. Printing, jacquard and applique show the all-around diversity of infants' patterns and improve the playfulness.


Color Inspiration


Variable smiley patterns, irregular geometric shapes and cute freehand animals compose the pattern elements of this theme. Gentle pastel color is the key of infants to create unisex products. All-over printing and positioning printing create suitable items for infants.


Pattern Direction


Hand-painted geometric shapes are used to create all-over printing, irregular playful jacquard, and plush applique to inject hand-painted art into different categories of clothing, fully presenting the diversification.


Pattern Application


As one of the most important items of autumn and winter, sweatshirt can be worn inside and outside. Hand-painted patterns are applied. Lovely plush applique animals and simple linear animals make leisurely sweatshirt more artistic.


Hand-painted Sweatshirt


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