The Geometric Aesthetics Pattern Trend for Men's Underpants

Author:Tom 2020-12-16

pattern trend


More than two thousand years ago, Plato said that God would live forever in geometric form. Geometry seems simple, but can extend the most complex and changeable logic. Geometric elements play a key role, from painting and architecture to garments. Plane geometry or solid geometry, thick or thin lines, transformed checks, element changes all challenge the classic and explore modern geometric aesthetics.


Men's Underpants


Geometric color blocks are favored by designers. Changes of line, plane and colors make an illusive visual effect and create a 3D space with flat patterns. Volume square patterns feel tough and masculine.


Solid Geometry


Line changes form repetitive patterns, changeable yet orderly. Small patterns are low-key but more novel than simple solid colors.


Plane Geometry


Combo of pattern and line as well as combo of varied patterns instill new designs into diamond patterns, making perennial patterns younger. Dark grounding is fused with bright lines to enliven the garment.


Diamond Patterns


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