The Gender Fluidity Design Development of Womenswear

Author:Tom 2021-09-06


According to the research of the British website The Tab, there were one out of five teenagers found that they belonged to the LGBTQ+. People’s rising education level allows them to get in touch with more aspects and be more sensitive. Consumers will treat the new attitude and concept of gender through a real and flowing strategy to promote the development of genderless.


womenswear trend

The awareness of gender fluidity presents an attitude to break the conventional boundaries. Inclusive neutral colors are used as the keynote. The classic palette grouped by Birch, Castor Gray and Anthracite is paired with warm Shifting Sand, Brown Sugar and Smoked Paprika to show the gentle exploration of introvert. Calm Malibu Blue reveals a casual and neutral attitude.


womenswear trend

Abstract black & white prints are inspired by the flowing textures of liquid metal. These colorless patterns are mainly printed on bottoming knitwear, sweater and shirt to present an eye-catching yet understated visual effect.


Flowing Black & White

Button is no longer an accessory just for basic functions. On exquisite fabrics, various kinds of buttons, eyelets and metal loops are arranged in an artistic way to stress the flowing lines of clothing.


womenswear trend

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